From The Nest – The Secret Squirrel


War, Inc. (2008) starring John Cusack as some sort of superhero/hitman, Brand Hauser, is entertaining enough.  Every hero needs his flash vehicle with all the bells and whistles. Brand Hauser’s learjet and Humvee have a feature installed named “Guidestar”, a button that is pressed and the voice of Hauser’s alter ego is there to listen to problems, or give directions or advice. Guidestar adds an interesting flavour to the film, and provides some humour and backchat at the best of times.

GuideStar: [from Hauser’s Humvee, which has been stripped, put on blocks, and torched by children because he didn’t have any candy] I told you Fallaf was not a good idea, didn’t I? I thought I said that. It’s a no-go zone, and you went. Bad choice. Was not a good idea.

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