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Special Announcement – Star Trek to Have World Premiere in Australia!!

Awesome news comes to hand today, as we learn that the latest Star Trek film, directed by uber-producer/director JJ Abrams, will have it’s long awaited World Premiere in Sydney next month. Ahead of the May 7th opening theatrically, several of the films stars, including Eric Bana, will present the film to the typical A-listers at the Sydney Opera House, something the venue has only done 2 times before.
Aussie star Bana will be joined by directror Abrams, plus co-stars Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and New Zealander Karl Urban to present the sci-fi epic, which intends to reboot the franchise and open the way for a more commercial, non-fan base styled adventure.
With the film opening here in Australia the day before our American cousins, you can be sure we”ll have the latest review of the movie right here on!!! Keep an eye out for all our Star Trek feature film reviews, online as well. We’ll be working hard to get them all online before the new film premieres in on May 7th.

Note: this scene does NOT appear in the new Star Trek film. :)
Note: this scene does NOT appear in the new Star Trek film. 🙂

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