From The Nest – The Secret Squirrel


This excerpt is from the recent film, Kung Fu Panda. An  inspirational movie about the underdog fighting for his dreams, with a touch of Jack Black humour, and more incredible computer generated images from Dreamworks. In the following scene, one of the characters has a bit of a monologue about why she thinks the idea of Po filling the role of the Dragon Warrior is ridiculous, talking to Po while he is under the effects of some sort of acupuncture. The funny little dude puts a pin in the wrong spot and provokes a nerve and he pulls a rude face at her… it was hilarious!

Tigress: Shifu loved Tai Lung like he had never loved anyone before… or since. And now, he has a chance to make things right. To train the true Dragon Warrior. And he’s stuck with you, a big, fat panda who treats it like a joke.
[Po makes a sudden funny face and Tigress gets angry and attempts to smack him]
Tigress: Oh that is it!
Mantis: Wait, my fault! I accidentally tweaked his facial nerve!
[Po falls to the ground revealing a lot of needles in his back]
Mantis: And may have also stopped his heart.


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