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Last week, I put forward a riddle:
Two coins make up 30c, and one of them isn’t a 10c piece. What are they?

It is from the episode My Lucky Night of the third series of hilarious TV Series, Scrubs. J.D. puzzles his antagonist, The Janitor, with the riddle for the whole episode. In the end The Janitor and his friend spent ages at the bank comparing every coin to come up with an answer, when J.D. reveals that the other coin is a 10c piece.

The Janitor and his friend then destroyed J.D.’s bike and explained: “It’s a riddle! Two guys destroyed your bike with a crowbar and a bat. One of ’em wasn’t me!!”

NB. The riddle J.D. quoted actually used a ‘nickle’ instead of 10c. As an Australian Squirrel, I like to keep things the way I can understand them. A couple of you clever guys suggested cross-currency to get the answer. In either American or Australian currency, it’s still just that simple answer- one is not a 10c coin, but the other is.

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