This Week on – 26/10/08

Well, a special event occurs this week at Each day this week, we present an installment of the classic Fernby Films feature, Hello Annabel. Hello Annabel was the first project undertaken by both myself and my brother Box, when I purchased our first video camera.

Edited using Lochy Cupit’s computer, back in 2001, and filmed almost completely on the fly, this was the product of about three months work and plenty of sweat and tears.

Now, for the first time, presents the original film in six parts, spread across this week. Each day, a new segment will be uploaded, available for you to check out. For long time readers, and those closely associated with Fernby Films, this will be a great oppotunity to check out your appearance in the film! Box also brings us his comments on the film, a little retrospective account of the creation of this seminal work. Enjoy that as well!

Most people will not have seen Hello Annabel in many years, perhaps if at all. Bandwidth prevents us from uploading an hour long film whole, so we have to break it up.

The presentation of Hello Annabel represents the beginning of a year long project here at Over the course of the next 12 months, we’ll be endeavouring to bring you the entire Fernby Films catalogue here at the site, all the projects, the trailers, the unseen outtakes, everything from the archives remastered and presented in easy to watch bite-sized pieces. Most of the material you’ll see hasn’t been seen since it was first produced back in the early part of this decade. Some has never been seen before at all!

Why do this, you may ask. In an effort to preserve the Fernby Films archives for posterity, we felt it was important to show our valued readers exactly what it is we do here at Fernby Films. There’s no point in sitting on hours of material with nobody to view it, so we decided to gradually, chronologically (well, as chronologically as possible) release all the Fernby Films archives onto the world wide web over the course of a 12 month period, in order to allow those who appeared in each film/trailer/short subject to see them again.

Each film and short subject will be accompanied by a comment from the original director of the piece, to try and explain the genesis and excuses we have for each one being the way they are.

So keep an eye out over the next twelve months for all the latest release schedules for our material. There’s sure to be something worth looking at for our regulars, and we may just make you laugh a little as well.

Of course, due to this, we will be forgoing the regular movie reviews for this week, and we’ll hold them over for another time. There’s a couple of good ones among them, but you’ll find out more later on. Additionally, we’ve already updated the Big List page to reflect the reviews we’ve done this month, so if you missed any during October, you’ll find it on that page right now!!

As usual, later today the Secret Squirrel brings us his/her unique view on humanity and the films we watch, so check back later on for another fascinating update!


Rodney T – Director, Fernby Films.

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