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Director :  Leigh Scott
Year Of Release :  2007
Principal Cast :   Matthew Wolf, Griff Furst, Eliza Swenson, Amy Weber, Monique LaBarr, Shaley Scott, Jeff Denton.
Approx Running Time :  85 Minutes
Synopsis:  In 2009, a race of aliens piloting giant robots have conquered Earth and forced humanity to live underground. They have done this by altering the environment, causing constant rainfall and darkness. 300 years later, after many generations of living underground, a small group of human rebels plan to finally take back their world from the mechanical invaders. They soon learn however that the aliens do not pilot the robots, but are the robots.
What we think :  Do not watch this movie.


Celebrating the Worst Films of All Time, brings you another in the list of possibly the cruddiest movies you’ll ever see…. perhaps, though, you should take our advice and never glance upon these celluloid travesties…. EVER! You have been warned!!!


When I was asked to review the worst movie I have ever seen, I actually had troubles trying to think of one.
Either I just don’t see that many bad ones, or I’ve wiped them from my memory.

Still, I would rate Transmorphers as a C grade movie… assuming such a grade exists.
It is a nice attempt, but is a great example of why you need a big budget to make a big budget movie.
It certainly borrows a lot of ideas from the Transformers universe, with the gist of the story being that in the not too distant future the human race detects  some alien life on another planet and sent them some radio messages saying Hi.

A few years later the aliens arrive and kick the crap out of us, destroying 90% of humanity within a day.
Fast forward into the future another 100 years or so, and the remaining humans are hiding, (mainly underground) whilst fighting against the evil shape changing robots as best they can.

Throughout the film, the special effects vary. There are some scenes where the special effects are actual of high enough quality you are almost awe inspired, but this is likely because you are comparing them to the rest of the film, where the SFX look like they were created in the garage of some poor soul who mentioned he once saw some tutorial on 3D animation.

The acting is average at best, although it general doesn’t even get to that point, and the whole movie feels like it was created by a bunch of geeks in their spare time to prove they can make a movie with no money.

I will admit, some of the interior shots look good, and they either managed to get some good props from another  movie, or had a good prop designer.

Most of the movie is dark, as the robots had apparently ruined the atmosphere and caused an eternal night. There is also a lot of fighting in the rain, something that is harder to animate, and it shows that their special effects department couldn’t handle the work.

I confess, I haven’t watched the entire movie. But that’s because I couldn’t, it was just so predictable, bad, and corny.  At one point there are some reasonably good looking women who fight amongst themselves, in a scene that reminded me of Battlestar Galactica. The problem is, the girls only look good, and their acting is bad enough to throw you off, that that you weren’t already from the bad special effects.

I’m sure the creation of the movie was a great learning experience for everyone involved, however as a viewer, it feels like 30 mins of entertainment stretched out into 1.3 hours. I personally think they should have made an above average 20-30min short film that they could have proudly put on their CV, rather than the unwatchable attempt at a film, that will haunt their future forever.

The movie certainly is certainly targeted towards Sci-fi audiences, and while I know a number of Sci-Fi fans (being one myself), who would possible get a small kick out of some bits of the movie, the pain is not worth it, and I would not recommend this movie to anyone.






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