Major Announcement – Fernby Films just got bigger!

Well, the team is slowly being assembled: Fernby Films is branching out from a one man operation to a multiple man operation. If you look to your right, you’ll see pages belonging to the newest recruits on this website.

We welcome the impending arrival of Mick Kubler to the pages of Fernby Films (he’s a long time associate of Rodney Twelftree) and his insight into the latest computer games that people play. Greg Bowden has already been introduced, and we’ll see his first film review later this week! James Ward, another longtime associate of Fernby Films, comes on board with semi-regular posts about topical films and programs that interest him. His first post will come out later this month.

And we’re always searching for more people to help our website grow! We want people who love films, television, music and technology to use this site as a hub of ideas and thoughts. Here you’re guaranteed to get one thing: an opinion on just about everything.

Hopefully towards the year’s end we’ll have even more people on our growing team, broadening our thoughts about film and all the entertainment mediums you can think of!

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