HAPPY NEW YEAR!! – Welcome to 2008

As I sit at my computer and type this post, the cool change has come in and the temperature had dropped dramatically.

Its been so hot here in Adelaide these last several days that I have almost forgotten what a cool breeze feels like.  I dare anybody to say something about how global warming is not effecting our climate right now.

Yep, it’s January the first, the opening stanza of the new year, and for some reason, it’s quite hot. Oh, that’s right, it’s summer, and it’s supposed to be hot. Stayed up last night to watch the fireworks on telly, from Sydney on Channel 10 or alternatively there were Melbourne fireworks on Channel 7. Either way, its just pretty explosions on telly, and not as impressive as the real thing live.

After that, I tried to go to sleep, but for some reason the neighbours decided to let of what seemed like an artillery barrage next door for the hour following the strike of 12. Kept me awake and jumping like a cat on a hot tin roof. Plus, it was hot last night and I couldn’t sleep very well anyway.

Oh well, one day this heatwave will be over and I can comfortably sit at my computer without my arms sticking to the desk. And then all will be well.

Mick commented that I should do a review of Transformers next up. Not that I plan to get back into doing movie reviews, but I might just take him up on that offer. Watch this space.

Hot Rod out.

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