October 1, 2010

Worst Film Week Archive

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Every year, in September, here at fernbyfilms.com, we take a step back from quality for a week and shine the dull yellow spotlight of iniquity on some of the worst the film industry has to offer. We call it our Worst Film Week, and each year throws up some amazing examples of pure crud floating about the local multiplex. In WFW, we tackle things as diverse as shocking actors, bad scripts, terrible films, and poorly designed/conceived promotional posters. It’s an often amusing look at the other side of film-making. There’s an old adage that says “nobody tries to make a bad film” – here at fernbyfilms.com, we try and refute that claim.

On this page you’ll find the links to all our past Worst Film Week entries, all conveniently located in one place. It’s a veritable smorgasboard of shite. Enjoy.


Worst Films

Catwoman – Rodney Twelftree

Breakfast Of Champions – Colin Biggs

Plan 9 From Outer Space – Throin Cupit

Fatal Deviation – Will Silver

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen – Jamie Wright

Tropic Thunder & The Zohan – Mel Ward

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed – Robert Nowotny

Elf – The Secret Squirrel

Dune – Rodney Twelftree

Dutch – Dan Stephens

Saving Silverman – Dan Stephens

Blood: The Last Vampire – Camiele White

Transmorphers – Michael Kubler

Kabluey – Robert Nowotny

Carnosaur – Rodney Twelftree

Funky Monkey – Saint Pauly

Sunshine – Doug Shearer

Blood Surf – Vik Verplanken

Jumanji, United 93 & Talladega Nights – Robert Nowotny

Righteous Kill – Rory Dean

Driven – Rodney Twelftree

UltraViolet – Rodney Twelftree

Battlefield Earth – Al K Hall

Moon – The Secret Squirrel

Ghost Ship – Rodney Twelftree


Worst Film Posters

2008 Edition

2009 Edition

2010 Edition

2012 Edition


Special Articles

The Beauty Of Hindsight – Claire Packer

Top Ten Biggest Box Office Bombs (2010 Edition)

Nicolas Cage Is Naked – Al K Hall

5 Ways To Make Sure I Hate Your Movie – Jessica E

Finding A Film I Can Love To Hate – Emma Muhlack

The Top 10 Worst Films Ever Made (2010) – Rodney Twelftree

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