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Trailer Trash! – Life


I always imaged a sequel to Gravity, but I never expected this. Life, the new film from director Daniel Espinosa (Safe House), sees Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal thrown into space as astronauts who make the ultimate breakthrough discovery – life other than that born on Earth – before things turn to absolute shit. Okay, it’s not a sequel to Gravity (although some of the shots in this looks starkly similar), but Life looks to be a riveting psychological and ethical/moral thriller, no doubt a last-man-standing kind of routine that’ll play out above the atmosphere. Life hits cinemas mid-2017, and you can check out this Gravity-esque trailer below.

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  1. I'm glad we're getting more sci-fi these days, and more hard sci-fi like Gravity and The Martian. This, however, just looks weird. Not sure what to make of it…

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Trailer Trash! – Life

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