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Trailer Trash! – Star Trek: Beyond


With JJ Abrams jumping ship for duties on a little film you may have heard of called Star Wars: The Force Awakens, former Fast & Furious helmer Justin Lin clambered into the captains’ chair to directed the third of the Star Trek reboot films (following Star Trek, and Star Trek Into Darkness). With the subtitle Beyond, the new Star Trek was set to début its trailer with The Force Awakens later this week – unfortunately, a German language trailer leaked yesterday, causing Paramount to unleash the English language version a few days earlier than anticipated. Which is cool, because now we get to see it!!

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  1. As impossible as it sounds, this looks even worse than Star Trek Into Darkness. It's non-stop punching, beaming, motorcycle jumps, and explosions. Will there be any dialogue? Any character? Certainly no plot. Ugh. Gene Roddenberry must be spinning in his grave.

    • Gene Roddenberry's corpse has long since beamed out of our galaxy. But yeah, he'd be giving this film the big hard miss most Trekkers would like to give it.

  2. Everyone seems to hate this but I loved this trailer. Maybe it helps not being someone who watched the original shows/movies.

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Trailer Trash! – Star Trek: Beyond

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