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Trailer Trash – Transformers: Age of Extinction


Ya’ll, Michael Bay’s fourth Transformers film is due to unleash itself mid-year, and the promotional material is about to launch itself on a full-scale assault in the months to come. Here, in all its high definition glory, is the first official trailer for the film (there was a short teaser during the Superbowl, which showed Optimus Prime riding a freakin’ Dinobot – which was enough to get this G1 fanboy’s juices flowing), and although it’s filled with typical Michael Bay slo-mo porn, there’s only one part of this film that I don’t quite see fitting into the rest of what’s on display…. The scene right at the end with Optimus Prime punching a Dinobot in the face. I really am hung up on how a robot has decided to assume the form of an extinct Earthbound lizard, but I await the explanation!

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Trailer Trash – Transformers: Age of Extinction

by Rodney Twelftree
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