Vale – Joan Taylor

Joan Taylor - 1929-2012

50’s Hollywood actress Joan Taylor has passed away. Ms Taylor, also known by her returnment nomclemanture Rose Freeman, appeared in a number of films during the 50’s, including Fighting Man Of The Plains, The Savage, Girls In Prison, Earth Vs The Flying Suacers, and 20 Million Miles To Earth. Following her film career, Ms Taylor appeared in a number of television serials, including Gunsmoke, The Texan, Rawhide, My Three Sons, and her semi-regular role of Milly in The Rifleman; she retired from acting in 1962 after her Rifleman contract expired, to concentrate on raising her family.

Ms Taylor passed away on March 4th, aged 82.

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  1. A surprisingly short career before retirement. But perhaps that's how she was able to live such a long life (without the excesses of Hollywood).

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Vale – Joan Taylor

by Rodney Twelftree
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