Vale – Ken Russell

Ken Russell - 1927-2011

British film director Ken Russell, whose 1969 film Women In Love received a number of Oscars as well as generating plenty of controversy, has passed away.

Russell is best remembered for Women In Love, Tommy, and Altered States, as well as one of my early favorites, The Music Lovers, which focused on Tchaikovsky. Russell’s Women In Love courted controversy (and was banned in Turkey) due to its depiction of male genitalia in a mainstream film, something which hadn’t been done before – fear not gentle reader, it was in the context of a wrestling match between Oliver Reed and Alan Bates. Other films in his oeuvre include Lisztomania, The Devils, Crimes Of Passion, Prisoner Of Honor, Whore, Gothic, and The Lair Of The White Worm (with Hugh Grant), among others.

Mr Russell passed away on November 27, aged 84.

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  1. He lived long. I wouldn't say I particularly liked the guy but he spoke his mind and made some interesting and provocative films. One of British film's greatest filmmakers, there's no doubt about that. There's plenty of films of his that I haven't seen. I must correct that.

  2. I was very surprised he went into the UK Celebrity Big Brother house a few years ago. I don't think that did him any favours. But what he did prove is that he wasn't afraid to express himself.

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Vale – Ken Russell

by Rodney Twelftree
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