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A new addition to the DVD Collection

Hey hey, went to Marion today for a haircut, and got into some magnificent trouble along the DVD aisle of Big W. Yep, this caught my wife’s eye, and she said we should get it.

Smurfs Theme Song

Now, I am not one to let a gift horse in the mouth, especially when my wife wants to buy something I have had my eye on for a while, so I nodded wisely and said “uh-hmmm!” and we ended up getting it! Woo Hoo…..

It’s hard to imagine that the Smurfs have been around for 50 years. I remember reading them (along with Tintin and Asterix comics) at school in Tintinara, so a 9 disc set of 52 episodes of the series was always going to be a trip down memory lane. A little like the collection of Underdog cartoons I swiped on DVD from America a few years back.  Ahhhh, the old Saturday morning cartoons…. brings back memories!

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  1. Nice photo.

    It's unfortunate you didn't have better light to make it a bit clearer, but the setup and layout is good.

    I also remember The Smurfs, Tintin, and Asterix. Dad and I were big Asterix fans, and I recently got a copy of some of the cartoon movies.

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A new addition to the DVD Collection

by Rodney Twelftree
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