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The official list is up…. check it out!!!

I have finally done what somebody suggested ages ago, and put a list of my Top Ten films up on the site. Check out the sidebar for the link to the Top Ten list page! Go, enjoy. Oh, and if anybody wants to poke fun at my list, let them list their own Top Ten so that all is fair!!! GO! Read and enjoy!!!!

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  1. Well I'll agree with most of your list.

    I LOVE Equilibrium, but strangely some of my geekier friends didn't, the Boon Dock Saints would rate as one of the best movies I've seen, and would probably be around #1 for me.

    Personally I'm not as big a fan of Lord of the Rings, nor Armageddon.

    But hey, I'm not poking fun (I don't yet have my own top ten list).

    I think I really need to sit down and watch Transformers again, it's just awesome 😀

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The official list is up…. check it out!!!

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