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Project Designation: Cloverfield

The most anticipated film this summer is upon us: the imminent release next week of Cloverfield. While receiving virtually no publicity here in Australia, the film was produced by JJ Abrahms (the man behind Lost, Mission Impossible III) and is expected to rake in a fortune overseas.

For those who know nothing about that which I speak, click this link to find yourself at the trailer…. in high quality.

Looks entertaining yes? A remake of Godzilla? Not quite, but sort of. Some kind of ferocious monster lands in New York City and starts to tear it apart. Finally, the kind of movie 1998’s Godzilla only wished it could be.

Anyway, colour me excited and waiting in line to see this film!

And I promise to post a review of it once I have seen it.

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Project Designation: Cloverfield

by Rodney Twelftree
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